What We Offer

We have hundreds of bathroom wall tiles in all different sizes, lots of neutral or natural colours i.e beiges, greys and lots of multi coloured tiles, using large format gives you less tiles and less grout lines and lots of decorative tiles that can be used for a full wall display or used as a border. For the kitchen we have a lot of high gloss, matt or textured brick shaped tiles and also timeless handmade and hand painted tiles. In lots of different colours.

Kitchen Tiles

Great look, long lasting and clean easily

Hallway & Living Areas

Practical and stunning, get the look you want.

Bathroom Tiles

Waterproof and lots of styles available.

Great Price

Our prices match those of the large retail chains, why shop with them when you can shop local and get that one to one customer service?


When you make changes to your home you want them to look the same in 5 years time. When you buy with us you buy with the peace of mind that the products we stock are quality.


We work with lots of local experts to fit and install everything we sell, so no need to worry about finding a reliable trades person.